Do you...

  • Have patients with multiple symptoms and no known cause?
  • Struggle to find quick and effective treatment options for your patients?
  • Want to offer more than just a weight loss program?
  • Want a framework that fits into what you currently offer?
  • Need done-for-you marketing so you can focus on your patients?

We know exactly you how feel.
Healing patients while running a successful holistic practice can be a challenge.
But, it doesn't have to be.

SHAPE ReClaimed is your win-win solution!

Get ready to...

  • Help more people
  • Expand your practice
  • Receive more referrals
  • Create work/life balance
  • Change lives

Your turn-key system for healing complex patients.

When you have patients with multiple symptoms and no known cause, where do you start?

Start with SHAPE ReClaimed.

The SHAPE Program combines our anti-inflammatory, whole food Nutrition Protocol with our SHAPE Drops nanomolecular dietary supplement. This combination gets to the root cause of your patients’ most common health complaints with its four-branch approach:

  1. Reduce inflammation
  2. Detoxify and cleanse
  3. Enhance immune function
  4. Encourage healthy weight loss

By utilizing simple urinalysis testing, the program is customizable to meet each patient’s unique metabolic needs.

When you add SHAPE ReClaimed to your current services, you connect with a national program that sets you apart from the crowd, expands your practice and changes lives.

What makes the SHAPE Program different from other wellness programs?

  1. It is not a diet or weight loss programThere are no bars, shakes or gimmicks; just simple, anti-inflammatory whole food nutrition.   
  2. It addresses the root cause of patients’ health complaints, helping them heal on a neurological and cellular level.  
  3. It is entirely practitioner-monitored and utilizes urinalysis testing. This allows you to customize the program to your patients’ unique metabolic needs ensuring faster, better and longer-lasting results.  

Does the SHAPE Program include any bars, shakes or pre-packaged meals?

Absolutely not. The SHAPE Program focuses on anti-inflammatory whole food nutritionYou will provide your patients a list of foods to choose from in the Program Guidebook plus access to hundreds of recipes on the SHAPE website for patients. You will customize the Nutrition Protocol to each patients’ individual needs based on regular urinalysis testing.  

What's in the SHAPE Drops?

The SHAPE Drops contain 28 nanomolecular ingredients each chosen for a specific purpose. These ingredients work synergistically to help the body balance and heal from both a neurological and cellular level.   

Because the SHAPE Drops are in liquid form and contain nanodoses of natural substances, they have enhanced absorption and utilization, can pass easily through cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier and are generally safer and more effective than large doses of the same substance.   

Click here for a complete list and explanation of ingredients in the SHAPE Drops.  

Is SHAPE ReClaimed a franchise, multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct sales company?

No. SHAPE ReClaimed is a national company distributed through credentialed healthcare professionals throughout the United States and Canada who have a wholesale account with us.   

If you are a credentialed healthcare professional and would like to become a SHAPE practitioner and open a wholesale account, contact us here or call 636-484-8444

How much does it cost to become a SHAPE practitioner?

There is a one-time startup fee which covers everything you need to kickstart the SHAPE Program in your practice. You will choose from three package options according to your practice needs. After you receive your startup package, you can purchase additional products individually or by the case.  

Submit your credentials here to see your package options and prices.   

How can I become a SHAPE practitioner?

Becoming a SHAPE practitioner is simple: First, submit your professional healthcare credentials with contact information here. Next, complete and sign our practitioner agreement and select your start-up package. Then, receive your startup package by mail and start changing lives!   

Here's what practitioners are saying about SHAPE ReClaimed:

SHAPE ReClaimed has greatly broadened my patients’ view of me beyond the traditional “back and neck” practice. I have added life to their years and money to their pockets in drugs they no longer need.

-Dr. Richard Hathcock

SHAPE ReClaimed has been a wonderful addition to my practice. I love what it has done for me personally, how it has transformed patients’ health and how it has expanded my practice. I would highly recommend SHAPE ReClaimed, as it really opens up many doors in your practice and in life.

-Dr. Sonia Kwapisinski

SHAPE ReClaimed was the missing link to our practice. We now have a realistic option for our patients that addresses the core of most illnesses: toxicity and inflammation.

-Dr. Thomas DiSalvatore