Become a SHAPE Practitioner

What if you could spend less time trying to find new patients and more time helping new patients?

What if the program you provided was about total health transformation and weight loss was just a side effect?

You see patients with aches and pains, mood issues, brain fog, hormone imbalance, weight gain and so much more. We have a proven system for addressing these symptoms: the SHAPE Program.

SHAPE ReClaimed provides everything you need to build your business and change lives:

  • Easy-to-implement framework
  • Turn-key marketing
  • No franchising, no monthly order minimums and not an MLM

Check out the top 10 benefits of becoming a practitioner here.


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Accepted credentials include: ANWCB Board Certification, CHHP, CNS, DC, DO, DNM, IFMCP, LAc, LD, LEHP, LMHC, MD, ND, NP, PA, RD, RN.

If you’re unsure whether your credentials qualify you to be a SHAPE practitioner, submit what you have or give us a call at 636-484-8444.