Frequently Asked Questions

SHAPE Program

What is the SHAPE Program?

When you have complex patients with multiple symptoms and no known cause, start with the SHAPE Program. The SHAPE Program is a lifestyle modification and health restoration program that combines the SHAPE Drops with the SHAPE Nutrition Protocol. The program is easily customized to each patient’s needs through a simple urinalysis. From fatigue to body aches and pains, mood problems and metabolic imbalances, the SHAPE Program is your go-to solution.   

Reduce inflammation, detox and cleanse, boost the immune system and help your patients shed excess weight simultaneously with the easy-to-implement and simple-to-follow SHAPE Program. You can use the SHAPE Program as the foundation of your practice or integrate it into your current offerings. 

Learn more about how you can change lives with the SHAPE Program here.   

What makes the SHAPE Program different from other wellness programs?

  1. It is not a diet or weight loss programThere are no bars, shakes or gimmicks; just simple, anti-inflammatory whole food nutrition.   
  2. It addresses the root cause of patients’ health complaints, helping them heal on a neurological and cellular level.  
  3. It is entirely practitioner-monitored and utilizes urinalysis testing. This allows you to customize the program to your patients’ unique metabolic needs ensuring faster, better and longer-lasting results.  

What are SHAPE Drops?

The SHAPE Drops are a nanomolecular dietary supplement formulated to address your patients’ most common health complaints.   

Many patients feel dietary supplements don’t work, are too expensive, or they are frustrated at having to take multiple supplements to address multiple symptoms. Because the SHAPE Drops are in liquid form, they are easily absorbed, which significantly increases their efficacy. The SHAPE Drops are affordable for both you and your patients, and the unique formula supports the whole body by addressing a wide variety of imbalances.    

The SHAPE Drops can be taken as a daily supplement or as part of the SHAPE Program for enhanced benefits.  

To learn more about the SHAPE Drops and how they work, click here 

What’s in the SHAPE Drops?

The SHAPE Drops contain 28 nanomolecular ingredients each chosen for a specific purpose. These ingredients work synergistically to help the body balance and heal from both a neurological and cellular level.   

Because the SHAPE Drops are in liquid form and contain nanodoses of natural substances, they have enhanced absorption and utilization, can pass easily through cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier and are generally safer and more effective than large doses of the same substance.   

Click here for a complete list and explanation of ingredients in the SHAPE Drops.  

Does the SHAPE Program include any bars, shakes or pre-packaged meals?

Absolutely not. The SHAPE Program focuses on anti-inflammatory whole food nutritionYou will provide your patients a list of foods to choose from in the Program Guidebook plus access to hundreds of recipes on the SHAPE website for patients. You will customize the Nutrition Protocol to each patients’ individual needs based on regular urinalysis testing.  

What will my patients be eating on the SHAPE Program?

Your patients will follow the SHAPE Nutrition Protocol, which emphasizes anti-inflammatory whole foods.  

It can be very difficult for patients to establish healthy eating habits. Many patients don’t know where to begin or they choose diets that aren’t sustainable or supportive to their lifestyle, body type or health concerns.   

The SHAPE Nutrition Protocol is both customizable and simple to follow. There is no counting calories or macronutrients and there are no special foods or pre-packaged meals to purchase. Patients can find everything they need at their favorite grocery store.  

When a patient begins the SHAPE Program, they receive a Program Guidebook which includes step-by-step instructions, a complete list of anti-inflammatory foods and a 3-week sample meal plan. You will utilize inexpensive urinalysis testing to customize their protocol so each patient receives a nutrition plan tailored specifically for them.  

What is the purpose of urinalysis testing in the SHAPE Program?

Most diet programs fail because the brain (specifically the hypothalamus) receives a message that the body is starving. Yes, the patient may lose weight, but as soon as they reintroduce excess calories, their body will regain the weight they lost and they oftentimes gain even more. This raises the patient’s metabolic set point to protect against further starvation.   

Urinalysis testing is crucial for detecting the signs of starvation and correcting this early so patients achieve long-term success.  

If your patient does not have weight to lose but is doing the SHAPE Program to reduce inflammation, detox and cleanse and or improve their immune system, the urinalysis is still beneficial. Starvation signals don’t just affect weight. Starvation can affect the brain and body in a variety of ways, causing a potential cascade of negative symptoms.  

We measure 10 different metabolic markers in the urinalysis and teach you exactly how to adjust the SHAPE Program to meet the patient’s individual needs.   

Working with Patients

How will prospective SHAPE patients find me?

When you become a SHAPE practitioner, you will be added to our Find-a-Practitioner (FAP) online directory. You will be able to personalize your free FAP listing and update your practice information, including: name, address, contact information, website, photos, specialties, social media links and more. Your listing will serve as a mini website that helps prospective patients find you. They can search by your last name or zip code and click on your listing to learn more about you and your practice.  

We also offer everything you need to promote SHAPE ReClaimed prominently on the home page of your website and social media accounts. Offering the SHAPE Program to existing patients is one of the best ways to grow your SHAPE practice.  

Can I work with SHAPE patients remotely?

Absolutely. The SHAPE Program is easy to administer and monitor remotely. Be sure to check with your board and/or state on possible restrictions for working with patients out of state.  We offer a variety of resources to support working with patients remotely.  

Can my staff assist me with my SHAPE patients?

Yes, as long as you are available to supervise and monitor as needed. All qualified staff members can become SHAPE-certified through our Assistance Program.  

Becoming a SHAPE Practitioner

Is SHAPE ReClaimed a franchise, multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct sales company?

No. SHAPE ReClaimed is a national company distributed through credentialed healthcare professionals throughout the United States and Canada who have a wholesale account with us.   

If you are a credentialed healthcare professional and would like to become a SHAPE practitioner and open a wholesale account, contact us here or call 636-484-8444 

How much does it cost to become a SHAPE practitioner?

There is a one-time startup fee which covers everything you need to kickstart the SHAPE Program in your practice. You will choose from three package options according to your practice needs. After you receive your startup package, you can purchase additional products individually or by the case.  

Submit your credentials here to see your package options and prices.   

How do I purchase products?

Once you become a contracted SHAPE practitioner, you will purchase products through the SHAPE website for practitioners. Your Shopping Cart is password-protected in the Practitioner Portal and unavailable to the public.  

How can I become a SHAPE practitioner?

Becoming a SHAPE practitioner is simple: First, submit your professional healthcare credentials with contact information here. Next, complete and sign our practitioner agreement and select your start-up package. Then, receive your startup package by mail and start changing lives!   

What credentials do I need to be a SHAPE practitioner?

We accept a variety of healthcare credentials including: ANWCB Board Certification, CHHP, CNS, DC, DO, DNM, IFMCP, LAc, LD, LEHP, LMHC, MD, ND, NP, PA, RD, RN.   

If you don’t see your credential listed and want to learn more about how to become a credentialed SHAPE practitioner, contact us here, call 636-484-8444 or email   

Are there monthly order minimums for SHAPE practitioners?

No. SHAPE practitioners are not required to order a minimum amount of product in a given time period.  

Are there any annual fees as a SHAPE practitioner?

No, there are no annual fees to continue as a SHAPE practitioner.   

Is it a requirement to attend the SHAPE Symposium?

No. While attendance at SHAPE Symposiums is not required, it is strongly encouraged. You will leave our events energized and uplifted, connected to an incredible community and ready to implement what you learned first thing Monday morning in your practice.  

We offer top-notch training in holistic healthcare and marketing, network opportunities and possible continuing education hours (if your discipline and state qualify; the number of hours varies each year).   

Even if you are not yet a SHAPE practitioner, we invite you to join us at the next symposium and learn more about SHAPE ReClaimed and our community.  

Current SHAPE Practitioners

I can't log in to the Practitioner Portal. What do I do?

The Practitioner Portal is only accessible to current SHAPE practitioners. If you are not a SHAPE practitioner, but are interested in becoming one, contact us here 

If you are a current SHAPE practitioner, you can reset your password by clicking “Lost Your Password” on the portal login page. You will be directed to type in your username or email and a password reset link will be sent to the email address associated with your account. (Be sure to check your junk or spam mail folders for this email if it is not in your inbox.)  

If you are still struggling to log in, call SHAPE Central at 636-484-8444 and we can reset your password for you. 

If you are a current SHAPE practitioner with Practitioner Portal access, you can find answers to more frequently asked questions here.