GEMA Licenses

Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association (GEMA, pronounced jee-mah) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers Ecclesiastical holistic wellness practitioner licenses, guidance, business support and memberships to professionals in the natural health field.

What are GEMA’s goals?

  • Assist individuals worldwide in connecting those who need wellness care with those who can provide it.
  • Defend the rights of holistic health practitioners.
  • Maintain high standards and safety within restorative medicine.
  • Sponsor educational and faith-based webinars and conferences throughout the world to improve holistic health services and accessibility.

Why apply for a GEMA license?

  • Stay safe and legal as you provide holistic health services, under rights of US Constitution.
  • Pre-qualified for Board Certification with (American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners).
  • Affordable monthly fees.  No long-term contract.  Cancel anytime.
  • Pre-qualified for professional liability insurance through Lockton Affinity Insurance Company.
  • Optimized directory listing (custom URL) with our Holistic Health Link partnership.
  • Practitioner Staff/Assistants low cost membership, when practitioner is licensed GEMA member.
  • GEMA Staff support is superior.  Quick response time.  Chat available 9-9 M-Sat.
  • Legal services provided by NCLL – the National Center for Life and Liberty.
  • Affiliate Program – earn $25 per referral when admission fee is paid.

Holistic Health Link

Holistic Health Link (HHL) is a directory for holistic health practitioners, which makes you easy to find by patients/clients who need your unique services.

Get Listed!

If you already have a website, your HHL listing will appear seamlessly in search engines like Google and Bing, driving traffic to your site. If you do not have a website, HHL will provide a one-page responsive site with a custom URL. You can post general information like credentials, modalities, fees, business hours, etc. Plus, you can add photos/videos and sell products and/or programs.

Get Linked!

HHL makes it possible to link you to people who are searching for your services. You will be able to be found by city, state and zip, but also be searchable through an advanced search. This advanced search includes specialties, conditions, symptoms and a dedicated SHAPE ReClaimed database.

SHAPE practitioners receive a FREE basic listing!