Mother: I originally signed up for the SHAPE Program to support my younger daughter. I figured it would be easier if we were both doing it. Besides, I had a few pounds I could lose. Thirty-one pounds and 34 inches later, I feel like a different person. Both on the outside and the inside. People call me “skinny Minnie,” but I feel so much better now. I have more energy, I sleep better, and I’m not bloated all the time. It’s a big commitment but if you really follow it, the rewards are so worth it!

Daughter: My mom took me to a dietician because I had eczema really badly, I broke out in hives, and I had no idea why. Neither did the pediatrician. After talking with her, she felt I was inflamed from food allergies. I started the SHAPE Program and it was really hard at first. Then, I had lost 15 pounds and 12 inches. That was the encouragement I needed to keep going. In two months, I never thought I would be wearing an extra small. Most importantly, my eczema and hives are gone. I have more energy and I’m faster playing volleyball. I never would have made it through varsity conditioning as a freshman without the weight loss.


Submitted by Laura Smith, RD