I first came to Dr. Schopp’s office on 10/15/2015. My weight was 179.8 pounds. I wanted to get healthy and lose the excess weight. Eight years prior, I was told I had leukemia. So, I started chemotherapy treatment. I won the battle but had to take IGG infusions monthly as my levels tested too low.

On my first visit, I expressed my struggles. I would do anything, but I really did not know what to do. I was tired of the infusions, also. They are not fun in any way. Dr. Schopp started me on the SHAPE Program. I did not delay. I was all-in from the first day. I found it a little difficult. When I went out with friends, they would tell me just to eat what I wanted, but I resisted. At times, I had to bring my own food to events, but I was totally committed to the process. Dr. Schopp also put me on some other supplements for my IGG levels.

I started losing weight right away, which kept me motivated. It was worth it. Three weeks into the program, my IGG levels were tested. For the first time in years, they were normal. I did not need infusions any longer. Since that date, I have not needed one. Now, they test me every quarter instead of monthly, and I am always good. On top of that, I am now in the 130-lb. range. I not only reached my weight goal, but I also reached an unbelievable health goal!

At times, I struggled with the program, but let me just say, it was well worth the struggle. It has completely changed my life.


Submitted by Dr. Mark Schopp