Before the SHAPE Program, I tried to hide. I always wanted to stay home, and it seemed like everything was the last straw. My fuse was short, and I often snapped at the ones I loved most.

The SHAPE Program taught me how to fuel my body with REAL food. It seems so simple now. I lost 60 lbs. Now I look forward to social events and going to activities with my kids. I enjoy being active with my family. Maybe, most importantly, I see more positive possibilities, I have better control over my emotions and I am more patient with family. The SHAPE Program isn’t just about losing weight. This program and guidance from Sherry at Absolute Wellness Center has helped me be a better version of myself.

I know I have told Sherry before, but I am very thankful for you. The SHAPE Program is great but without the personal accountability and support from you I would not have been successful.

I really just wanted to lose weight. I had no idea of all the other benefits that would come with it. Still holding strong at 140 lbs. and slowly learning that it is not about the scale, even though it has been my whole stinking life.

My biggest struggle right now is making sure I am dressing like a 40-year old and not a 16-year old.


Submitted by Dr. Sherry Neill