So far, I have lost 57 lbs. and many inches on the SHAPE Program. I also have to go shopping for clothes that fit. That stuff is obvious and expected. It is the unexpected that is so awesome. I call this the “It’s nice” list.

It’s nice…

  • The doctor has noticed a reverse in my Furniture and Dunlop’s disease. My chest is no longer in my drawers and my belly is no longer dun loping over my belt.
  • My see-food diet is more politically correct. It is getting greener and greener.
  • You don’t worry about dripping tooth paste on your belly when brushing your teeth.
  • Your belly no longer hits your leg when you drive.
  • You can put your belt on while actually wearing the pants.
  • Your side of the bed seems a lot bigger.
  • You have to add more holes to your belt to make it smaller instead of bigger.
  • To look down towards the ground and see things you haven’t seen for years.
  • To be able to get up and down off the floor without the inner cry, “God help me.”
  • To be able to do a “chest bump” with friends instead of a “belly bounce.”
  • To be able to hug someone without bending forward to avoid the great “belly divide.”
  • To realize that I am no longer a fat head because I had to change the hat band size on my baseball caps.
  • That tying my shoes no longer requires holding my breath or exhaling and using a step or chair for assistance to bend over.
  • That I can lean forward with elbows on my knees and be comfortable again.
  • That all things bathroom-related are so much easier!
  • To take a nap instead of passing out for hours and hours and still feeling tired.

I am sure that I have forgotten something, and I will find many more “It’s Nice” items to add to the list.


Submitted by Dr. Amy Scheible