I was a skeptic at first. I thought SHAPE ReClaimed was some kind of fad. My wife wanted to try it, so we decided to do it together. In the first month or two, we felt the best we had ever felt. The program worked. We were exercising together, as well, and I remember the point where I was able to walk up and down stairs with my children and not get winded. This program allowed me to quickly and easily manage my weight. My skin cleared up, my clothes started fitting better, I wasn’t sore after sleeping and I had greater mental clarity. It was fantastic. I’ve been a SHAPE practitioner since 2012 and some of my patients have completely transformed their lives with this program. They were a completely different person before they walked in the door. They doubted themselves and were self-conscious, and now they feel like they can take control of their life.

Dr. Jason Ameling
Sunset Hills, MO
SHAPE Practitioner since 2012