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The SHAPE Drops are formulated to: Stabilize metabolism Reduce pain […]

MOOD Balance

MOOD Balance is an herbal combination supplement that supports: Adaptation […]

pH Concentrated Minerals

pH Concentrated Minerals support: Enhanced energy and stamina Electrolyte balance […]

SKIN Healing Lotion

SKIN Healing Lotion is excellent for dry, cracked, scaly and […]

SELF ReClaimed Toolkit

SELF ReClaimed is an excellent resource for life coaches, wellness […]

Program Guidebook

This booklet is your patient’s/client’s step-by-step guide to a healthier […]

SHAPE ReClaimed: Simple Recipes for Phase I

This cookbook is the perfect jumpstart to the SHAPE Program […]

30-Day Anti-Inflammatory Challenge – Phase II/III Cookbook

This book teaches your patients/clients how to live an anti-inflammatory […]

Practitioner Training Guidebook

The Practitioner Training Guidebook teaches you everything you need to know to implement the SHAPE Program in your wellness business.

Urinalysis Test Kits

Urinalysis is key to the success of the SHAPE Program. […]

Marketing Materials

As a SHAPE practitioner, you will have access to a […]