My name is Nina. I am 47 years old. Since I was 13, I have tried every diet imaginable. The word “diet” was not connected with lifestyle; it was a temporary modification to lose weight. I would quickly lose sight of my motivation and goal and return to my old ways without considering the consequences.

At the encouragement of a friend, I started the SHAPE Program. My body responded quickly to the good choices, but I got off plan while on vacation. By the time I got home, my joints, head and stomach hurt. I was sluggish and my moods were terrible. Hot flashes and night sweats returned (which stopped while I was following the SHAPE Program), and I could not sleep well. This was the turning point. The light came on! I realized that there is food my body likes and food that it doesn’t. Finally, the connection was made between my food choices and the quality of my life!

Today, I wear two bracelets in the SHAPE colors to remind me that this is my lifestyle, not a diet. Thank you, SHAPE ReClaimed and the staff at Integrated Health for helping me ReClaim my health and ReClaim my life!


Submitted by Dr. Brian Hester