1. Quick results = more referrals. When patients make lifestyle changes or start taking dietary supplements, it can take several months for them to start seeing results. With the SHAPE Program, patients report seeing results within the first few days. When your patients see quick results, they stay motivated, are more compliant, achieve greater success and refer more of their family and friends.
  2. Direct support from our CEO/Founder, Dr. Todd Frisch. If you have questions about the program or have a complex patient case where you’re not quite sure what to do, you can call SHAPE’s CEO, Dr. Todd, directly on his personal cell phone. With 38 years of clinical experience and helping thousands of patients through the SHAPE Program, he’ll offer practical insight for almost any situation.
  3. Top-notch continuing education and training. In addition to our free online course and ability to counsel with our CEO/founder at any time, you can enjoy continuing education from renowned speakers and teachers during our annual symposiums. As one practitioner put it, “This event is life-changing.”
  4. Free marketing materials and resources. Marketing your wellness practice can be quite expensive when you go through a firm or agency, or time-consuming if you do it yourself. There’s not even a guarantee that it will grow your practice. As a SHAPE practitioner, you receive a free marketing consultation plus access to a growing library of marketing materials designed to help you grow your practice.
  5. Unparalleled patient support. Most programs leave patient support in your hands costing you valuable time and money. We have your back. Your patients receive access to the staff-monitored SHAPE ReClaimed private Facebook group with over 16,000 members. Our website contains hundreds of recipes and educational articles which offer your patients the confidence and support they need to succeed.
  6. Not just another weight loss program. While weight loss programs might bring you patients, they may not be the kinds of patients you’re looking for. SHAPE is a comprehensive program that addresses the root cause of your patients’ symptoms, and weight loss is the bonus side effect. SHAPE patients recognize the value in total health restoration. They won’t come to you looking for a quick fix, they’ll come to you to transform their lives.
  7. Increase your income potential without having to work more hours. You don’t have to hustle and sacrifice time with your family in order to earn a living. Our practitioners who have built their practices on the foundation of SHAPE ReClaimed report a significant increase in their business income with fewer office hours. This means they can leave work at work and enjoy healthy work-life balance.
  8. Remain independent and continue doing what you do best. SHAPE ReClaimed is not a franchise or direct sales/MLM company, and there are no monthly order minimums. As a SHAPE practitioner, you can continue doing what you love and simply add SHAPE ReClaimed to it.
  9. Set yourself apart from your medical peers. With so much information available to patients, they’re getting smarter and savvier every day. This is great news for you because, as a holistic practitioner who offers SHAPE ReClaimed, you are the solution patients are looking for.
  10. Be a part of a like-minded community and establish credibility with the support of a national program. You will have access to a practitioner-only private Facebook group where you can ask questions and gain support from other SHAPE practitioners.

Patient Benefits

What that Means for Your Practice

Practitioner-monitored program

Your patients cannot do this program without you.

We do the work for you by providing educational information and resources at your patients’ fingertips.

OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed Support Group on Facebook

You’re not the only one supporting your patients. In addition to over 16,000 members, we will be right there to answer patient questions and provide support for ongoing success.

Hundreds of online recipes plus two cookbooks developed by a professional chef

Your patients can get started on their journey knowing what to do and how to do it. This builds their confidence in you, the program and themselves.

Allows patients close to you to find you and learn about your services. With this and Holistic Health Link, you’ll have two free online listings!

Health-focused rather than weight-focused

Keeps patients coming back to you for life-long solutions and builds clientele that is committed to their health.

These stories allow prospective patients to see how the SHAPE Program can work for them. This leads them to seek out their own SHAPE practitioner, which is you!

Your office will be a one-stop shop for patients on the program, increasing convenience and profitability.

Individualized program

There’s no one-size-fits-all in healthcare. Each patient’s care is customizable to ensure their long-term success.

SHAPE Drops encouraged for daily use

Patients can only purchase this product through you, which keeps them returning to your office and continuing under your care.

10 years, 100s of practitioners, 1000s of patients

Our visibility and notoriety become yours by association.

Advanced practitioner training

Instills confidence that your patients are in the care of a cutting-edge practitioner.


By taking a deeper look into the patient’s metabolic balance and adjusting care, you increase confidence and deliver consistent long-term results.